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Wednesday, 27th February, 2019 3:38pm

My mother visits Cork every few weeks. There’s a lot she’s taught me in life but one thing she’s recently taught me is to always thank the cleaning staff in shopping centre bathrooms.

It’s such a thankless job. Often times I might stand in a queue and have to skip a cubicle because someone has just literally ruined it. I often see the cleaner look in and they are disgusted.

Would that person leave a mess like that in their friend’s home? I think not.

So any time my mother comes to the city, she thanks the cleaning staff and gives them a little tip. The staff are genuinely always so appreciative.

So I’ve started doing it also and it really makes their day. It’s such a thankless job, so these people (along with many others I know) need to be told.

I treat one of the cleaners in RedFM as if he’s like a king! I just adore him. He really lights up my day.

If Bono walked in, I think I’d say: ‘Hi Bono, what’s the craic?’ and my heart rate would remain steady but whenever I see Derek the cleaner in RedFM walk in, he actually makes my day.

So always remember it's not what you are, it's who you are.

Blunt Brenda

Hi Blunt Brenda,

This is one of those things I couldn’t even dream of saying on any of my social media as I know I would be annihilated by the ‘mum brigade’. But I’ve recently seen some eateries in Cork I go to recently saying ‘breastfeeding friendly’ or ‘breastfeeding welcome’.

I’m sorry but I just cannot stand women breastfeeding in public. Yes, I am a woman. No, I don’t have kids. I don’t mind if they’re doing it in the back of a restaurant quietly with a shawl or something similar covering them, but no one in the middle of the restaurant wants to see it going on.

It happened last week and it really put me off my lunch, I had to leave. A woman sat breastfeeding her child as if she wanted the whole world to see. I’m not in favour of it. I wanted to ask her to go to the bathroom to do it. Why can’t they put them away instead of playing it out to the whole of the world?

I know I’m not the only one who thinks this but I’m brave enough to write about it.

Let me know what you think. Please keep me anonymous as I don’t want the mum brigade attacking me!


Dear C,

Why couldn’t you eat your lunch without having to look at that woman breastfeeding? Did it really bother you that much?

Breastfeeding is just a baby eating, something which babies need to do frequently – and why shouldn’t they do so where everyone else eats?

If that mother had asked you to go eat your lunch in the bathroom would you? Course you wouldn’t.

That’s exactly what it would be like for that mother. I actually read that research on why mothers stop breastfeeding – or choose not to – and it shows fear of breastfeeding in public to be one of the biggest obstacles.

You are one of those obstacles. I’m not a mother myself either but you said it yourself, if you did put this on your social media you would be annihilated.

I’ll save you that annihilation by my blunt advice. In future, just don’t look and accept it, breastfeeding rates are increasing so I’m sorry C, you’re gonna have to get used to it.

Thanks for warning me about the ‘mum brigade’. I never knew about them.

It won’t stop me from giving me any of my usual advice though. What do the say, breast is best!


Blunt Brenda.

What’s hot

Since it is the month of love, here’s to the last older man I fancy. Guess who it is? The one and only Piers Morgan!

I know you’re thinking...what?! Him? Yes him. He’s exactly the type of man I like. Opinionated, says it as it is, not afraid of his critics. Now I don’t know if it is his attitude I’m attracted to or is it his looks.

But one of my favourite things to do is to watch clips of him having a rant on YouTube from ‘Good Morning Britain’ and I agree with everything he says. It would be my dream to work with him.

Now let me tell you, it wouldn’t be easy I know, but a bit of Brenda charm would wrap him around my finger. Je t'aime Piers! (Bet he doesn’t even know French!)

What’s not

My favourite film of this year has to have been ‘A Star is Born’ with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. I’ve always liked Lady G, I love Bradley (although he’s probably a little too young for me at the rate I’m going!). I was delighted it won ‘Best Original Score’ at The Oscars with ‘Shallow’ and damn their chemistry was just insane! But who the hell does Mel B think she is? She’s my least favourite Spice Girl. Apparently, she claimed Lady Gaga broke the “women's code” for her sensual and intimate performance with Bradley Cooper at the Oscars - right in front of his ‘jealous’ girlfriend, Irina Shayk (one of the most beautiful women in the world).

I was reading that she said: “I felt so uncomfortable for Bradley's girlfriend, oh my gosh.” Mel, darling it was part of the whole performance, because there's a women's code and Lady Gaga knows that. It was only professional.

She will say anything for attention - Mel B. We’ve all made mistakes in our lives but reading about Mel’s life these past few years - give me a break love. What a hypocrite! Go on and spice up your life girl!

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