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Taming the mane with a few little cheats!

I have always had knotty, fine hair, and to be honest, one of the best things I have ever done is get extensions. There is less drama and you get longer out a blow dry and more.

But not everyone has or needs extensions. A lot of the products that you use for extensions are suitable for use in natural hair, too. The extensions I currently have in are by Irish brand Platinum and are so natural and easy to maintain. Platinum has its own salon and distributes its product to other salons also. They are bonded to my own hair and feel light and look natural.

Another brand that I have tried successfully is taped brand Hairtalk. The application is both an effortless and enjoyable experience and one that is incredibly swift. You can achieve a full head of luxury extensions in less than an hour. With Hairtalk you get the quality of double-drawn Indian remy human hair, applied using the brands ultra-thin medical grade invisible tape system, which can be reused on the hair up to three times.


The LanaiBLO’s innovative technology, lightweight and compact design results in a salon-quality blow-dry without the risk of hand fatigue, making it easy to use for both expert and novice. Its lightweight design matched with the ultra-long cord, variable speed and temperature heat settings cater to all types of hair and strength required for your styling needs. The LanaiBLO’s iconic technology and tourmaline crystal compounds serve to seal in moisture and counteract frizz leaving your locks stylish and sleeker.

The LanaiBLO (€99.99) is available in four colours white, black, pink and electric candy. It has cut my drying time in half and there is no better hairdryer on the market now.


The Hairtalk Extensions brush (€22) consists of short natural, boar bristles as well as longer plastic bristles. Together, they provide for easy combing of the extensions – without snagging and tearing the connection points. The head is practical for drying all lengths of hair and is compact to bring travelling or in your handbag.

The Jewel by King Hair and Beauty blends practical usage with its stylish design. The dual bristles and vented curved head mean this brush is incredibly durable and suitable for all hair types including natural hair, hair extensions, wigs, and hair pieces, children’s hair and wet hair. Also, due to how lightweight it is, it's the ideal item to have in your handbag!


Hairtalk Extensions Balsam (€15) closes the cuticle of the hair and protects the hair from outside elements. It should be used after every wash and lightly rinsed out. It keeps the hair in its optimum condition and prolongs it’s shine and sass. I also found it protected my hair from discolouration.

Eleven Australia Detangle My Hair (€18) is a lush smelling lightweight detangler suitable for all hair types. It is suitable even for sensitive scalps and smalls like pear. It will hydrate and detangle your hair, but won't leave a heavy residue.

As extensions do not produce their own natural oils, a gentle cleansing solution is essential. Platinum Nourish and Revive Shampoo (€17) is a mild yet effective moisturising shampoo that will nourish and revive lacklustre locks, restoring moisture, balance and shine.

For blondes, the most gentle and effective shampoo available is Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel (€26). It is infused with lavender and will neutralise brassy tones without stripping the colour that you have invested so much money in. There are many 'purple' shampoos on the market but Blonde Angel is the perfect compromise between condition and colour.