Clutch bags, remember them?

Shoes and bags taking a back-seat

Now that I only ever leave my house to exercise or occasionally make a trip to the local supermarket, it made me realise how redundant handbags and shoes have become in my life now.

I probably carry my handbag once a week now and I really can’t ignore the looks of despair it’s giving me from the corner of the room making me feel terribly guilty. It used to have such a busy and fun life, it seems to be saying.

Shoes are another item that have been forsaken as I’m either in trainers for workouts or plodding about the house in slippers. The occasional day I’ll go wild and get dressed up and wear shoes around the house but these days are few and far between.

I’m the type of person who will buy a bag and then tend to wear it to death ‘til it falls apart- changing it only for a more dressy option for events.I received a Kate Spade bag this Christmas as a gift and I have used it solidly since then. It can go cross body, it’s compact and yet it still fits everything that I need to bring around with me including my diary which I never leave home without.

In summer, my go-to is a straw bag and my favourite one is a roomy straw bucket bag with long handles that I can put over my shoulder that I got in Penneys three years ago. This is my third summer of it and it’s still going strong.

I also have a round straw bag that I bought online somewhere, and while I love it, the handles are so small that I can’t put it over my shoulder so it’s a bag I’ll wear more at the weekends when I’m not working.

I have a couple of clutch bags at home but really, when it comes to a more occasion wear, the bag that’s my absolute favourite is a 1960s white beaded bag that I bought many moons ago from a vintage shop. It goes with absolutely everything and has long enough beaded handles that I can also wear it over my shoulder. It’s one of those ones that didn’t cost much at all but I would be heartbroken if I lost it.

While trainers and slippers will always be my footwear of choice in lockdown, now that it is getting a bit warmer and more summery, I am thinking about some other footwear that I’m going to be rocking this summer in the back garden. I think in summer a slider can be as comfortable as wearing slippers but you’re prepared to leave the house immediately if needs be.

I’m really taken with these very almost ugly sandals. They sort of look like something a hiker would wear on a day off. There’s a sensible sole for ultimate comfort coupled with some ankle and foot straps that look like they wouldn’t cut your feet. I mean, is there anything worse than that first day back wearing sandals and your feet just get cut to bits? I’ve spotted a pair in River Island that have been jazzed up with some jewels and I’m very much considering making them my summer sandals.

We all know my love for an espadrille so I will be wearing those also but I found a couple of simple sliders in my wardrobe that will look good with jeans, t-shirts and a red lip. I just really look forward to the day I’ll be able to wear bags and shoes other places than the house!

What’s your go-to summer shoe and bag?

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