Keeping things scent-sible

Something that evokes memory for me more than anything else is scent. 

Somebody walking past me wearing Ysatis by Givenchy instantly reminds me of my late mother. That was, for the longest time, her ‘good’ scent. The one she loved and kept for occasions. She wore an old fashioned one called Apple Blossom for every day use.

It got me thinking if scent really does uplift our mood? I am villainous for keeping scents for good, hoarding scented candles, pretty diffusers, or expensive perfume. I am discovering during lockdown that opening these and enjoying them is a far greater act of self-love. Scents also have an incredible effect on our wellbeing and ability to sleep.

Sass and Boho Rhubarb – Damson Plum Diffuser (€29) - This is surprisingly potent and is perfect for my living room. It is the first thing you smell upon entering the room, but it is not overbearing. It combines a wonderful aroma of ripe plum and cleansing rhubarb. If you could smell pink, this would be it!

Custard, vanilla, malt, cream, red berries, plum and pink rhubarb combine in this delicious fragrance - sweet and tart for the perfect balance. It has been open six weeks and I just turn the reeds every few days to renew the scent. There is a candle to match. It's available online at

Olivia’s Haven Tea in the Orangery (€29) - There is a wonderful story behind this scent: Olivia’s grandparents’ home in Donegal has an orangery and she created this candle to replicate the smell and ambience of this happy place. I am currently burning the fragrance in my home office and it smells joyous and zesty with a beautiful summery feel. Buy on

Yogandha Oils is a brand I have long had an affinity with. Its Relax Oil (€29.99) is one for night-time or a relaxing bath. The lavender calms, providing a mild sedative quality to encourage deeper sleep. Famed for its cellular regeneration properties, frankincense instantly relieves tension and is a proven skin-rejuvenator. The unusual blue chamomile encourages stillness and reflection and eases sleep. This blend also contains petitgrain to soothe the nervous system, clary sage to re-balance the pituitary gland, and vetiver which grounds and supports self-connection. It is a wonderful bedtime ritual, especially in the current climate.

If you are missing bath bombs, then has the answer with Aromaworks Bath bombs (€25). Detoxifying Himalayan sea salt and soothing calamine combine with 100 per cent pure essential oil to create a luxurious and therapeutic bathing experience. Aroma Works source nature’s finest salts and powders to make the AromaBombs. It also has oils and diffusers, candles, and body products.

There are four different fragrances. Nurture blend combines the fruity, crisp aroma of may chang, the sweet, fresh scent of Roman camomile and the aromatic delicately woody fragrance of sandalwood.

The Serenity blend combines the beautifully warm citrus top notes of lemongrass with the underlying exotic, floral fragrance of neroli and soft, sweet geranium. It inspires spicy crisp top notes of black pepper that combine with sweet, fresh lime and bergamot to deliver a warm comforting aroma, whilst geranium complements the blend with its gently fruity, floral fragrance.

Soulful combines the fruity top notes of juniper berry and bergamot and exotically heady frankincense with warm, spicy base notes of patchouli. This beautifully balanced blend finishes with a creamy caramel fragrance to give you a unique and wonderfully warm scent. You can use the code MJOR1 to get a discount of 20 per cent on

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