Concerns have been raised by the TUI following Tuesday's CIT and Institute of Technology Tralee (ITT) merger announcement.

Munster university merger concerns

The Teacher’s Union of Ireland (TUI) has called for matters of industrial relations to be “urgently addressed” following the CIT and Institute of Technology Tralee (ITT) merger announcement on Tuesday.

The Munster Technological University (MTU) has been in the pipeline since 2013 and is now set to become Ireland’s newest university, the second in Cork.

However, in a statement released yesterday, the TUI said that the decision to grant technological university status to the CIT and ITT consortium has both “regional and national implications” and that a range of industrial relations matters still require resolution.

The statement read: “These matters must now be addressed as a matter of urgency. The TUI stands ready to engage with management of the institutes to negotiate resolutions that honour the memorandum of understanding agreed between the union and the institutes.

“It would seem entirely reasonable to expect a similar level of commitment from the two institutes.”

Members of the TUI had previously opposed the Technological Universities Bill based on concerns over potential job losses, funding cuts and the possible dilution of some institutes' status.

The MTU will be formally established on 1 January 2021 and will span six campuses across Cork and Kerry with combined student numbers of more than 20,000.

Bob Savage, Chair of CIT’s Governing Body welcomed the announcement calling it a “monumental day” in the histories of the two institutes.

Mr Savage said: “Together, CIT and ITT have built on our individual strengths, our extensive experience and passion for education and entrepreneurship to create MTU. Our collective staff, students, and stakeholders have been instrumental in bringing us to this day.

“Together, we now look forward to the future and the creation of MTU in 2021; a new university for a new era.”

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