How to glam up your mask

Masks are here for the foreseeable future. Just to follow up from last week’s piece on skincare, I wanted to write about some of the best mineral makeup and the importance of brows while our lower face is covered. Keep your tools clean, I did a piece on cleaning our brushes recently, but this is especially pertinent if you are suffering with breakouts.

Use brushes where possible rather than your fingers to apply foundation. Keep your hands sanitised regularly throughout the day. Made in Ireland with Irish ingredients, Airmedica is produced by Cosmetic Creations. With over 30 years’ experience in the skin industry, its 70 per cent alcohol-based sanitiser is available in all major pharmacies and shops. Since launching, Airmedica has donated over 10,000 units of hand sanitiser to local hospices, hospitals, and charities, including Marymount Hospice and Cork Penny Dinners.

You must try Fuschia Luxe Cover up HD Mineral foundation (€29) to see the effects for yourself. It truly is amazing - it glides on effortlessly and leaves the skin looking healthy, hydrated, and dewy while giving excellent mineral coverage.

Every great foundation deserves a flawless finishing act. The Bare Minerals Skin Perfecting Veil (€29) is an utterly weightless finishing powder that is formulated with light-reflecting optics to help diffuse the look or appearance of fine lines. Lilac plant stems cells and Vitamin C help brighten your complexion and a special blend of minerals absorb excess oil and balance skin texture. This means you can reapply it without your skin feeling dry or caked.

Who doesn’t love a good eye shadow? Now is the time to experiment with bolder colours and textures for the rest of the summer, creating more outrageous eye looks than ever before.

Brows are next on the list. A well sculpted brow is an essential addition to the face, helping you to look more groomed and youthful. The days of a harsh brow are long gone with more women opting for a fluffier more natural look whilst still maintaining the shape. Tinting has thankfully evolved too with the use of more of an ombre effect for a perfect arch. Are your brows sparse? The Browfix Elixir might be your saviour. A perfect blend of serums and oils, it helps your brows to grow and flourish naturally. With a good brow comes a great lash. A good mascara or set of faux lashes or lash extensions will only enhance your eyes. Be sure of course to invest in some great eye makeup remover, too.

A great blow dry or set of extensions is of course another option. Recently I had a half head of The Power Collection at Platinum Hair Extensions on Washington Street applied. Usually I get a full head of the Prestige offering but fancied something different and I like to try new things.

I had a consultation and agreed that I wanted thicker longer hair, but my main request was for volume. The quality is just insanely good. It is thick and luxurious without looking disjointed from your own hair. I wanted luxe volume, and these did not disappoint me. In terms of comfort and ease of styling they are incredible too. There are less bonds in my hair and therefore it is easier to manage. In the past, I always assumed that if, by some miracle, I was able to get hair extensions that looked good I would inevitably have to accept long-term hair damage as a compromise. This has not been the case or my experience with the team at Platinum. I find that I heat-style my hair far less with extensions and wash my hair less, too. They are superb!