The excitement of finding a real gem

Jewellery can make or break an outfit and it’s one of the things I notice most when I look at what someone is wearing. I think my engagement ring was my first introduction to more expensive pieces but obviously I’m not going to be dropping engagement level money on my day to day pieces but it did get me in the mind frame on spending that little bit more.

Now I tend to mix a few costume pieces with more mid-range fine jewellery and really it’s all about mixing it up and creating your own individual look from your collection so it doesn’t really matter how much or little you spend on it.

More often than not I’ve used jewellery to add some drama to a very simple and easy to wear outfit and so I was obviously super excited when I met with Vereena Harrington of Colour Addict jewellery. Vereena is a DeBeers award-winning jewellery designer. She was born in South Africa and years of working in four continents around the world, coupled with her influences of Indian ancestry and African childhood memories, inspired her to bring her passion to life. She is now based in Ireland but her distinctive styled jewellery was first established in Singapore.

Her unique design philosophy for Colour Addict is to make beautiful jewellery which resembles the colours and textures of places she has been, which she brings to you through her creations.

Her jewellery makes a statement but in a very stylish and understated way and the pieces can be layered to add even more drama or worn as standalone pieces to just add an injection of colour and texture to your look.

My favourite pieces are from the Rebel Rocks collection, which is inspired by gemstones in their organic raw form. The vibrant and edgy collection of bold unpolished stones are truly eye catching. I also love that each piece in the collection is uniquely different from each other due to the natural gemstones meaning its really is a one of a kind piece of jewellery.

The quality and detailing on each piece make it look super expensive but the price point is highly affordable which makes it perfect for when you want to treat yourself or as a gift for a fellow gemstone lover.