Working out your wardrobe

I must admit I have a very pathetic collection of gym gear in my wardrobe. Even though I work out a few times a week, I just have no real interest in investing in my workout gear.

I did treat myself during lockdown to an amazing pair of leggings and a sports bra from the awesome Irish sportswear brand Queen B Athletics. But apart from that, I’ve really just cobbled together bits and pieces with no real co-ordination.

To be fair though, the Queen B leggings actually do make such a difference and look so much better than my regular leggings so maybe it’s time I took the plunge and invested in my some snazzy gym clothes even though I no longer go to a gym and the only person seeing me in these outfits is my personal trainer Lorna. But, you know a gal has got to make an effort regardless and I’m sure Lorna is sick of seeing me in the same tatty t-shirts.

While I was pondering gym gear the other day, I was delighted to hear that Irish retailer Lifestyle Sports launched a new plus size range which is available online.

It means that they now stock from size 6-34, and most importantly, bra sizes from 32A to 44F because as any woman knows the correct sports bra is absolutely essential. There is nothing worse than getting to the gym or starting a class and realising that your sports bra is about as effective as two small hankies at keeping your breasts in line.

Who hasn’t at least once in their lifetime attempted to partake in a HIIT class with arms permanently folded across your chest? My fellow busty queens…you know what I’m talking about.

Wearers can forget about ill-fitting sports bras that fall at the first hurdle. Nike’s low/medium-impact styles are designed in a heavier-weight fabric with eight per cent more spandex, plus the width of the straps and trims have been adjusted for non-stop comfort.

The brand’s high-impact bras are ideal for more intense routines, like running, boxing and HIIT, and although they’re designed in the same fabric composition, there are a few small but important differences to step up the game.

Expertly engineered, plastic scoop wire offers support as you move, while rigid straps and a four-row hook-and-eye closure means you’ll feel safe and secure, however strenuous the workout

The rest of the range includes 34 styles across brands Nike and Adidas. No need to worry about those pesky sheer moments anymore, as the new line of leggings include high-opacity finishes and clever touches that make all the difference when it comes to comfort.

Tops are designed with style and substance; relaxed fits, curved hems, side splits and improved sleeves that will keep you comfy, whether smashing goals in the gym or chilling out.

You’ll be glad to know that this is only the first instalment and twenty more items will be added this winter including fleece hoodies and padded jackets as well as other labels such as Under Armour joining Nike and Adidas for spring 2021.

It’s certainly inspiring me anyway to put a bit more effort into my kit!