Rimmel held a great virtual make-up launch recently.

Don’t mask your great brows

Well how is Lockdown 2.0 going for everyone?

I must say I had a very enjoyable first day of lockdown having been invited to a virtual make-up launch by Rimmel.

However throwing in a bank holiday weekend into the mix has left me with a distinct feeling of disorientation this week. It could be Tuesday, it could be Friday who knows anymore and does it even matter?

Anyway back to the event I attended on Zoom last Thursday with make up artist and global ambassador for Rimmel James Molloy to launch the new Lasting Matt Foundation and Scandal Eyes Volume on Demand mascara.

Now I am in no way a make up expert; in fact I’m pretty basic when it comes to what I wear on my face but I found it really interesting and I did pick up a few tips on make up trends and how to keep your make up on when you wear a mask all day.

James has over 15 years of industry experience in fashion, beauty and editorial makeup, as well as working on many famous faces from Rimmel ambassador Rita Ora to Dita Von Teese, Emma Watson and Kanye West. His looks have featured in publications including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

I also got to have a little chat with James after the make up demo and I was able to ask him about the very particular challenges we face wearing make-up with a mask. One thing I definitely will be adding to my daily routine is the Rimmel 2-1 primer and setting spray which helps lock in your make up look. I’ve been using it now for a few days and I have to say I definitely notice my make up staying put for longer.

I’ve always been a big fan of wearing a red lip but I find lately I’m not really bothering with lipstick as when I do, my mask looks so gross when I take it off instead I’m focusing more on my eye make up which apart from wearing a lick of mascara has been seriously lacking.

I also haven’t gotten my brows threaded or waxed since the first lockdown and I’ve been managing them myself with a little bit of tweezing and I’ve started using an eyebrow pencil which I had never done before.

If you’ve never used one, they are pretty simple and I find I just brush my brows and then use the pencil to fill in any gaps. I also feel particularly lucky that after pretty much plucking off my teenage monobrow in the ‘90s and leaving myself with two sparse tadpoles on my face, that my brows grew back at all to the level they are at today.

Teens of the ’90s - if you know, you know. To finish off my eye look, I used a liquid eyeliner which I haven’t used in years and I was amazed at how easy it was to do. If I can do it, then rest assured anyone can.

I used the Wonder Eyes liner and as someone who has quite hooded eyelids I was keen to ask James what was the best eye look for this type of eye. Firstly he pointed out that Sarah Jessica Parker also has this type of eyelid so look to her for inspiration.

Less is more so use thin strokes of eyeliner to add definition and if you want to use some colour then go for a just one mid tone all around the eye. Simplicity is key as you don’t want to overload the eye.

I’ll be looking super glam doing my weekly shop this week!