Works are to take place at Half Moon Lane to make it safe for pedestrians and cyclists to access Tramore Valley Park.

Half Moon Lane works need funding

The long-awaited pedestrian access to Tramore Valley Park has taken a step in the right direction but funding still needs to be secured.

Access to the park from Half Moon Lane was assessed prior to the park opening in 2019 but was deemed unsafe by City Hall for various reasons. After many calls from local councillors and the public, management from City Hall carried out a study of the lane, its relationship with South Douglas Road and access to the park from the lane.

During Monday’s meeting of Cork City Council, David Joyce, Roads and Environment Operations Directorate, briefed councillors on plans for safe cycle and pedestrian access into the 170 acre park which was a former landfill.

The works include the provision of new footpaths on Half Moon Lane, a new signalised junction with controlled pedestrian crossings, new uncontrolled pedestrian crossings on Half Moon Lane, a new public lighting scheme, new traffic calming measures, improved road markings, signage and elements of carriageway resurfacing.

Councillors gave the work the go ahead, with many highlighting how beneficial it will be and some, like Independent Cllr Kieran McCarthy, said they hoped the lane wouldn’t become a new car park for the southside park.

He added: “It’s important that Half Moon Lane doesn’t become an additional car park for the park but a value-added pedestrian and cycling access point. Funding must be secured now for it.”

Fianna Fáil Cllr Sean Martin echoed the sentiments of Cllr McCarthy and queried if cars would be able to access the lane.

Green Party Cllr Dan Boyle said that he was advised by City Hall management that funding would be available but was disappointed by a proposed opening date of June 2021 and believed the works could be done earlier than that.

“I welcome this Part 8 and would welcome the work being done in the quickest possible time,” he said.

Mr Joyce said the funding would be requested at a national level for the works and if that didn’t work they would find the money locally.

“We’re committed to this project. I can confirm that there will be no access to Tramore Valley Park via Half Moon Lane in a car. It’s a pedestrian and cycling access point only and we will be encouraging people not to drive down and drop people off as access from the South Link Road is only a one minute drive away,” added Mr Joyce.