Time for a little invention

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a restful Christmas break.

I must say, even though I obviously missed the festive nights out and gatherings that usually happen this time of year, I actually had one of the most relaxing Christmas and New Year’s ever. I barely drank a drop of alcohol, I walked every day and I slept about eight or nine hours every night so I am facing into the new year feeling the most fresh version of myself.

Unfortunately, like so many others I was unable to return to work after the break and so I am trying to come up with ways, aside from exercising, reading and relentless viewing of box sets on streaming platforms, to spend my time.

One thing that badly needs doing is to sort out my wardrobe which always seems to be in a right state come January. I’m not sure why because it’s not like I was going anywhere but I think pre-Christmas can be busy with work so things usually just get stuffed back into the wardrobe with very little organisation.

I always find that January is financially a lean month, and while I’m dying to breathe new life into my wardrobe, I have to become inventive with how this happens when the shopping budget is at zero. It’s really about taking a long hard look in your wardrobe and seeing what you already have and how you can style them up differently. Realistically we aren’t going anywhere at the moment, we aren’t really even going to a workplace if we can help it, so it’s all about trying to make your wardrobe more casual but still feel like you’re putting some kind of effort in. I know the majority of people did huge wardrobe clear-outs during the first lockdown but it’s no harm to take a look at it again and weed out those items that you just don’t wear anymore.

Even if you decide to not part with anything, it’s a good idea to organise and do a tidy up so you can see what you have.

The main areas of your wardrobe that you will be wearing at this stage will be your basics which should be what you generally invest in. These will be the pieces that you know work together and work hard for you.

When you have these right it’s just about adding some other things to your look. Right now, we are really mixing pieces for that high low feel, so you might pair casual leisure wear with a more formal blazer or trench coat - practical and stylish layering.

Look for alternatives to your regular trouser situation. This one is particularly adaptable for menswear. If you wear a lot of jeans, try dressing the look up a little bit more with chinos and if chinos are your go to in an outfit, then you can really make your look more casual with jeans. Also try swapping out your usual knitwear for something a little bit more casual but still stylish which is where the sweatshirt comes into play. It really is one of my go to pieces for January.

I’ve been layering mine with loose white shirts and leaving them untucked over leather leggings to give a more relaxed feel but also getting wear out of my wardrobe classics. Wear with your favourite overcoat and a cosy beanie hat for a cool look that combines perfect cosy layering.

You can also mix up your layering for an unexpected look so instead of wearing shirts under knits and sweatshirts, why not wear a roll neck under a casual shirt or a denim jacket under your blazer or overcoat?

Now is the time to really have fun with your look. There are no rules.

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