The new policy requires a written application for any roadside memorial in the county.

New process for roadside memorials

A new policy outlining rules surrounding the placing of roadside memorials for crash victims is to be put in place in the county.

The policy requires those who wish to erect a roadside memorial to complete an application process which must be submitted in writing to Cork County Council.

The application must – amongst other items – include a map showing the proposed location of the memorial, insurance details, permission from the land owner, and a sketch of the layout of the proposed memorial.

Cllr John Paul O’Shea welcomed the new policy but asked that the timeframe of commemoration be extended from one year to two.

He said: “A lot of families are grieving very much in the first 12 months and may not have the courage or the capabilities to progress at that stage. It shout be extended to 24 months.”

The council’s engineering staff will be considering all applications individually and will make recommendations in accordance with a set of predetermined specifications.

There is no fee for the processing of applications for a roadside memorial to be erected.

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