Iced Float

Use colour to achieve balance

Edel Nicholson

Head of Marketing at Colourtrend

As the curtains draw on an eventful year, we welcome a fresh start and blank canvas for the year ahead.

Soft beiges, earthy browns and dusty greys naturally find their footing in interiors this season as we transition from the dark nights to brighter evenings with the heaviness of winter lifting from daily life.

The focus on colour in 2021 will continue to shift towards a softer neutral colour palette. As our homes have evolved into multifunctional spaces, colour is used as an essential tool in achieving balance to our interiors and evoking a sense of calm.

Create space for a renewed focus for the year ahead by incorporating lightweight shades in cream, grey and brown but allow bold colours to do the talking throughout soft furnishings. The season we look to modern and fresh neutrals such as Lowland, Reinvent, Iced Float, Unveiled, Anu and Mallow Stem. These soft, traditionally feminine hues offer solace and comfort when used in a scheme.

Reinvent is the perfect example of a modern take on the trend of neutrals. While understated and subdued in its composition, Reinvent does not fit the stereotype that greys can be cold and uninviting in a home. In fact, a neutral grey with tones of brown does quite the opposite. Introduce this shade as a restful feature wall or cocoon in a living room with a backdrop of Reinvent, to ensure a year of hope and serenity begins at home.

A blush neutral tone is another trend that will continue into 2021. It can be a perfectly feminine, and sophisticated neutral that will add depth and complement natural toned accessories, flooring or furniture, making it a popular choice for bedrooms or featured on an accent wall in a living room.

Chestnut Pink from Colourtrend’s new Contemporary Collection has become a popular shade for the bedroom where it can be used on the walls, ceiling, skirting and architrave. This along with the analogous scheme of jewel hued bedding creates a cocooning effect. This adds a lot of warmth, comfort and tranquillity to the space. See