cheerful mature woman visiting retirement home residence with elderly senior woman on wheelchair

Care at an affordable cost

For more than seven years, Cork company Affordable Live-in Homecare has been placing live-in cares all over Cork and beyond.

Affordable Live-in Homecare, or ALHomecare for short, enables a direct relationship between the carer and the family, which means that the family gets the best value for their money and the carer gets very fair working conditions. It’s a win-win solution that ALHomecare’s manager, Tom Quinlan is very proud about.

ALHomecare’s most popular grade of carer, the Carer Plus, costs from €485 per week with accommodation and food for the carer provided by the family. In return for this, the carer lives with the client.

They are in the house at night for the client’s comfort and reassurance and by day the carer does housekeeping, prepares meals, keeps company and provides personal care, if required. They normally work five days per week, seven hours per day but can do up to six days and eight hours per day.

ALHomecare charges a placement fee of €1,695 including VAT and all placements come with a three week trial period. The family can also claim tax relief of up to 40 per cent on homecare costs, if their relative is incapacitated.

One of ALHomecare’s happy customers, Paula, says: “Last August our family found ourselves in the worrying situation of having to find a good and caring person to live in and help us to look after our relative, who was no longer well enough to live on her own. Thankfully, our GP recommended ALHomecare – Affordable Live-in Homecare.

“From the very first phone call the ALHomecare style was very professional and prompt yet warm and friendly as they worked with us to identify our care needs and to find a suitable carer. Our carer was very experienced, professional, caring and fitted very well into our family.”