Carers course begins in April

An education centre on Leeside is providing an array of courses for those working with older adults.

Northridge House Education Centre has a range of QQI Level 5 and 6 modules and provides training courses for those working with the older adult.

Northridge House Education Centre is a vocational training centre now its tenth year and located near Blackrock Castle. It is part of St Luke’s Home, a charity committed to caring for the older adult and soon to reach its 150th anniversary.

Linking to the resources of St Luke’s Home, the centre offers the increasingly popular modules of care of the older person, care skills and palliative care support. Completing such training opens the door for a new career as a professional carer either within residential care or working within the community setting.

The centre also offers Level 6 management training with such modules as supervisory management, team leadership, gerontology and HR management.

The tutors focus on helping every student to reach their potential. Many students have been away from course work for many years and wonder how it will go but with individual support from tutors such concerns soon fade away.

The centre has training programmes for those currently looking for work, under the direction of South West Gnó Skillnets. Graduating with modules of QQI Level 5 and other mandatory training programs, opens the door for employment in a vital profession. Covid-19 has changed education radically and the centre has adapted by providing QQI modules and other courses online at times that suit students. The next professional carers programme begins in April.

If you would like to explore a new career direction or upskill phone 021-4536551 or visit