Legal issues and the older client

By Teresa O'Sullivan, Douglas Law

The older client is a person who is over the age of 65 years. At that stage in a person’s life it is common to have a grown up family, maybe grandchildren, to have retired from paid employment and to have paid off the mortgage on the family home. Some people may be in second relationships and have children from a previous relationship. It is time to consider these issues:

1. Do you have a Will? If so, does it need to be updated? If you don’t have a Will, it is advisable to do so.

2. Where are the title deeds to your house? Are they stored safely?

3. Do you have a list of your assets so that nothing is overlooked?

4. Have you provided for the possibility that you may lose capacity? It may be prudent to put an Enduring Power of Attorney in place to appoint someone to act and make decisions if you cannot do so. This can prevent hardship for family members. The Enduring Power of Attorney only comes into effect when you lack capacity due to memory loss or other cognitive impairment.

5. A Ward of Court procedure may be necessary where there is no Enduring Power of Attorney in place.

6. Fair deal and nursing home care issues can arise. It may be necessary to appoint a care representative.

At Douglas Law Solicitors we regularly deal with all these issues and are also experienced probate solicitors. We are delighted that Rachel Hall, solicitor, has joined our practice and we’re happy to assist with probate/Will related queries. Elderly or vulnerable persons may be more at ease seeing a solicitor at home or in a nursing home and we can facilitate this.

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