‘Something beautiful’

An album encapsulating the transformative and healing powers of music will be released tomorrow (Friday) in aid of those who suffer with their mental health.

No Simple Highway is the latest release from musical collective SomeRiseSomeFall, a group featuring artists such as John Blek, Rowan, Anna Mitchell, Kevin Herron and Marlene Enright to name only a few.

The album pairs carefully selected performers for new interpretations of songs written by the likes of Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter, Joanna Newsom and Beth Gibbons.

Project director Michael Fitzgerald (FITZZ Records) established the SomeRiseSomeFall collective to highlight the power of music and collaboration in dealing with issues like mental health.

“This album was created with some of Ireland's finest young talents. My gratitude to all involved for bringing their creativity and heart to re-inspire and find their new songs within the originals and mine the emotion to create empathetic and moving musical and artistic statements on loss, grief and love,” says Fitzgerald.

With their previous single releases, SomeRiseSomeFall has received local, national and international airplays with each release highlighting a different featured artist, giving a unique voice and perspective to the project.

“Being part of the SomeRiseSomeFall project was an uplifting experience, a chance to create with a great sense of positivity amongst a collective of gifted artists,” says Cork folk musician, John Blek.

Fellow Cork artist Anna Mitchell adds: “The collective worked together to create something beautiful, with the aim of highlighting certain tough subject matters that often get overlooked in today's society.”

No Simple Highway will release tomorrow with all proceeds going to Aware Ireland. The album will be available on all normal streaming platforms.