Rebeluna Cluster Lashes

Be a makeup maven

The past few weeks I have been featuring a lot of skincare, however this week I am switching purely to one of my first loves and that is make up.

Nothing enhances our mood more than finding a perfect foundation or long-lasting eyeshadow and spring is always awash with lots of pallettes and bright ideas for balmier nights, hopefully out of lockdown.

Dermo Suavina

The first offering from Dermo Suavina back in 1880 as a 'miracle ointment' for the local orange pickers is now a handbag staple across the globe, and one many ensure is never too far away. Its nourishing formula is made with 100 per cent natural essential oils and infused with a captivating citrus and menthol aroma. It's perfect for prepping the lips for a matte lipstick and keeping them in good shape under a mask. The Dermo Suavina original lip balm is available in the traditional jar (RRP €2.99) and in a tube (RRP €4.79).

Huda Beauty

Satisfy your sweet tooth as Huda Beauty has launched a mouth-watering mix of three, on-the-go eyeshadow palettes for €30 and all crafted around candy brown shades of chocolate, toffee and caramel. The new trio of Brown Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes each feature nine, smooth velvety hues in four delectable finishes, including buttery soft, silky smooth matte shades and heavenly highlighting shimmers. Take your eyes from daytime soft and sweet to sexy after-dark vibes with the sweep of a brush, as each palette comes in a curated combination of shades.

The Brown Obsessions palettes are a modern take on your classic brown shadows, with highly pigmented deliciously decadent shades and textures, from brown mocha, smooth toffee and rich cacao, each palette adds a dash of sweet sugar and spice to your beauty look this season. All palettes are easy to master with smooth, velvety powders, intense metallics and marble cream shimmers in complementary tones, meaning there is something to satisfy every appetite and occasion. Each palette enables you to shade, highlight and define the eyes for an endless array of looks to tickle your fancy.

Sothys Teint Detox Energie

If you are seeking some comfortable easy to wear foundation, then Sothys Teint Detox Energie, for €39.50, is a great buy. Get the perfect finish with this foundation which contains a complex of Omega 3,6 and 9 and botanical hyaluronic acid for a nourishing, firming and revitalizing effect. The semi-matte finish is perfect for selfies and it is exceptionally long wear and high coverage. However, the fluid, soft texture that spreads easily makes it super easy to apply.

Rebeluna Cluster Lashes

If you are missing your lashes then look no further than Ellie, Grace, Sarah -Jane and Karen Cluster lashes, €12.95 per pair. It's particularly good for those who want to wear lashes but struggle with strip lashes and amazing for those who wear glasses. The cluster lashes are vegan and are made from super soft luxury synthetic hair. Best of all they are reusable. They feature a thin flexible band making them super comfortable.