Calls were made for more public toilets in Cork city including portable ones in the short-term. Photo: Julien Maculan/Unsplash

Urine trouble if caught short

The lack of public toilets on Leeside made a splash this week.

Councillors voiced their support for more public toilets to be installed around the city with some calling for them to be portable in the short-term.

Independent councillors Lorna Bogue and Mick Finn each had motions calling for more public toilets during Monday’s Cork City Council meeting, in light of bars and restaurants being closed under Covid-19 regulations. Cllr Bogue said the current lack of facilities is creating an accessibility issue while Cllr Finn said the new toilets could be funded by central Government as part of its Covid-19 response.

Meanwhile Independent Councillor Paudie Dineen asked for Cork City Council to seek tenders for the provision of mobile toilet facilities that can be towed and positioned in the morning, maintained during the day and towed out again in the evening.

Similarly Sinn Féin’s Fiona Kerins called on the council to install portable toilets in public amenity spaces in the city for the remaining duration of Covid-19 restrictions with a view to looking at more permanent solutions going forward into the future.

Fianna Fáil’s Terry Shannon agreed that more public facilities were needed in the city centre and in the suburb areas too.

“If you’re caught short you’re going to be in trouble and I think that needs to be dealt with,” said Cllr Shannon.

After many speakers on the topic, Lord Mayor of Cork Cllr Joe Kavanagh asked a City Hall official to “alleviate the pressure” and respond to some of the issues that were


David Joyce, Director of Services Environment and Recreation Operations Directorate, told councillors a draft public toilet policy is being drawn up and will be brought before the Environment, Water and Amenity Strategic Policy Committee and then it’ll be brought before the full council for consideration.