Glowing skin is always in

Irrespective of your skin type, the universal thing that makes a great complexion is glow. How you choose to get this glow depends on your skin type and of course your budget.

We have all overdone the exfoliation or too rich products at some point. Here are five brand new products to give you that healthy hydrated glow:

Dermalogica’s brand new Melting Moisture Masque, for €69, will alleviate those suffering from sensitive skin, discomfort, flaking and itching. As you know from reading, I am a Dermalogica fan as I feel they have a product or regimen for all skin types. While some dry skin conditions are genetic, our lifestyles today means that we are increasingly exposed to damaging environmental factors. It is unique in that you apply a pea-sized amount on face and massage into skin. Leave on. Towel off excess, if necessary. No water required.

Balance Me leave-on BHA exfoliant, for €32.50, works on the upper layers of the skin, encouraging dead skin cells to shed to reveal the healthier and more radiant layers underneath. It’s also able to penetrate the skin’s natural oil, allowing it to exfoliate and ‘unclog’ pores and help reduce them in size. Like AHAs, BHAs have hydrating properties and help minimise the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helping to improve firmness, skin tone and texture.

It is common for acid exfoliants or toners that include AHAs or BHAs to cause a slight inflammatory response or redness, however thanks to Balance Me’s calming and antioxidant blend of bio-active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, tiger grass and aloe vera, the BHA exfoliating concentrate is successfully manages to hydrate, clear, and smooth the skin without causing irritation. Winner!

Sothys is a brand I recently rediscovered and they have just launched two boosters. Sothys Lactic Dermobooster for €57.50, is a serum with lactic acid which has been formulated to refine the skin texture using micro-exfoliation actives to smooth fine lines and even out the skin’s appearance. It targets mature, dull, and dehydrated skin. It is perfect for the 40-plus age bracket.

Sothys Glysalac Dermo booster, for €57.50, is the other one and this s a versatile one. The hydroxyl acids in this Dermo booster refine pores and improve skin texture. For all skin types, including clogged skin, prematurely ageing and thickened skin.

Glow Recipe is known for unexpected sensorial textures and innovative ingredients that deliver lasting hydration, healthy skin benefits and a natural, lit-from-within glow. Soothing and comforting compromised skin, the Avocado Ceramide Recovery Serum, for €42, is ultra-lightweight and intensely replenishing. It is quickly absorbed to protect and repair while diminishing redness and helping to calm where there’s chaos. When ceramides are compromised, skin becomes dry, dehydrated, inflamed but this light, milky serum addresses the multiple sources of redness while strengthening skin’s moisture barrier making it great if you are sensitive-skinned, or you have overdone it in the sun. The blend of avocado oils and extracts bolster skin’s resilience.