The new hotel has gorgeous food and wine to enjoy.

Killarney has a new hotel

There’s a new hotel in Kerry!

After a tough year for the hospitality industry, Killarney is celebrating the opening of a new hotel offering this month.

Hotel67 @Gleneagle is open for bookings and set to welcome guests from mid-July onwards.

This hotel is unique in that it is a new boutique style hotel located within the grounds of the iconic Gleneagle Hotel.

This means guests can enjoy the quirkiness and intimacy of Hotel67 while still having access to the great leisure, dining and entertainment amenities of The Gleneagle Hotel.

The origin of Hotel67 is a story in itself. Just before lockdown hit, the team at The Gleneagle chose to get creative with a wing of old guestrooms that had lain idle for decades. These rooms were originally built in 1967 and when the team stripped them back, they unearthed a minimalist beauty.

The architectural simplicity – original brickwork, exposed copper, structural features and high ceilings - inspired them to embrace the minimalistic beauty.

The sense of history and character was palpable.

It was like opening a time capsule of vintage features and hidden craftsmanship.

And so, Hotel67 was born.

Today, Hotel67 offers space-savvy guestrooms that are full of quirky and clever design elements, original features and all sorts of mod cons – power showers, smart TVs, wifi, USB charge points. There are 24 guestrooms in total, 12 of which have amazing views of Killarney’s mountains.