Soap to shape and set

Want perfect brows at home? This will help!

Say hello to Global Beauty’s Big Brow Soap which could be your new brow BFF here to keep those caterpillars at bay and perfectly in place all day long.

Containing glycerin, which coats the surface of the brow hairs to keep them in place all day long, the new Big Brow Soap works a charm at shaping and setting all manner of brows, from skinny to enviable bushy brows, create your desired look and embrace their individuality, because we must remember they’re sisters, not twins!

Brow Styling 101

Step 1

Using a facial mist or setting spray, spritz a spoolie brush enough to lightly dampen the bristles, ensuring they are damp enough to create your desired texture, depending if you like a lighter layer of brow soap, or thicker hold on the brow. Play around with the amount of liquid until you find the best texture to suit you and your brows.

Step 2

Lightly run the damp spoolie through Global Beauty’s Big Brow Soap to create a gel-like residue on the bristles. Starting off with a little product and building up to the consistency you desire. For the more un-tamable of brows, use a little more product and build it up to style them accordingly.

Step 3

With the product distributed across the spoolie, comb through the brows and work into your desired shape. As the soap doesn’t dry that quickly, you have time to work with the product to create the look you’re after.

Step 4

Once you’ve created your desired brow, use your preferred styling product, be it a gel or a pencil, to fill in any sparse areas and voila – you’re all done and ready to go!