Staples for home and on the go

From the bathroom to a handbag, we all have our staples but our everyday skincare repertoire could always do with more choice.

A leading brand across Spain and afar since 1880, Dermo-Suavina is a tried and trusted shelf staple that recently descended onto Irish shores. Dermo-Suavina’s lip and skin offerings are sure to cement their place in daily routines across the country.

The brand’s range of naturally enriched products, made from locally sourced ingredients straight from the Iberian Peninsula, are the ultimate skincare saviours and treats.

Now Dermo-Suavina has the perfect trio of everyday necessities for at home and on the go.

Original Lip Balm Tube

The Dermo-Suavina Original Lip Balm formula is a hero product for the brand. The first offering from Dermo-Suavina back in 1880, this cult beauty essential was created as an ointment for the local orange pickers, and has now become a handbag necessity across the globe. Its nourishing formula is made with 100 per cent natural essential oils and infused with a captivating citrus and menthol aroma.

Nourishing Hand Cream

From continuous hand washing to liberally lathering ourselves in hand sanitiser, this past year has seen our hands stay squeaky clean, but suffered the brunt of drying and cracking side effects, meaning our palms and cuticles are in dire need of some TLC. Enriched with 100 per cent natural, essential oils and vegetable extracts, the Dermo-Suavina Hand Cream is the hero product we all need to have on standby.

Naturally Enriched Soap

While the humble bar of soap has been replaced by its liquid counterparts as of late, there is nothing quite like the nourishing, fuss-free and eco-friendly, plastic-free qualities they offer, and the Dermo-Suavina offering sure is a contender. Its naturally enriched formula deeply cleanses and revitalises the skin, leaving you with a pleasant sensation of freshness and a healthy appearance, while being suitable for even the most delicate of skin.