A pelican, not unlike this one, is still on the loose having escaped from Fota two weeks ago.

A pelican brief update

A pelican who managed to escape from Fota Wildlife Park two weeks ago is still at large in the Cork Harbour area.

The wily animal has returned numerous times to the park only to leave again just as staff attempt to recapture him.

The pelican is one of two that live in Fota and would normally have his feathers clipped to prevent flight.

However, the wildlife park confirmed to the Cork Independent that the feathers of this particular bird had grown back.

Fota Wildlife Park’s animal care team are monitoring the sightings of the pelican daily, with the most recent sightings reported near Mahon Golf Course.

“He does come back to Fota during the day, will stay a while but seems to know when we are planning to catch him as he will pop out for a bit, then return a few days later,” said Fota’s Animal Care Manager Declan O’Donovan.

Mr O’Donovan said that although the bird normally lives in captivity, he has no problem finding food in the wild.

Great white pelicans are found in south-eastern Europe, Asia and Africa and are known to breed in swamps and shallow lakes.