Abbey Mobility offer a number of different chairlift options.

Rise above with Abbey Mobility Stairlifts

Geraldine Fitzgerald

As an increasing number of our population live happily to a ripe old age, a frequent complaint from otherwise independent seniors is the loss of ability to get up the stairs of their own home.

This means being confined to a single floor and moving everything downstairs, or more seriously, having to give up independent living altogether.

Abbey Mobility is one of Ireland’s largest and most reliable providers of mobility aids, including stairlifts, platform lifts and thru-floor lifts.

Safe access to upper floors of the home minimises fall risks and helps alleviate anxiety about wellbeing and security, but many Irish homes have a curved staircase, and the current lead time on curved stair lifts can be up to eight weeks.

Abbey Mobility have been nominated as Ireland’s sole supplier of the Devi modular curved stairlift, which can be installed in as little as 48 hours.

Aside from the rapid installation process, one of the major advantages of the Devi modular stairlift is that it can be removed intact and relocated to another home or even resold.

No other curved stairlift can be reused or relocated, so the Devi model is a gamechanger in the Irish market.

The team at Abbey Mobility undergo extensive training on all mobility products, to suit all home layouts regardless of stair type, including Thyssen, Platinum, Acorn and Wessex brands.

They offer client assessment to ensure every customer gets the most suitable product for their mobility needs and carry out independent and joint surveys with occupational therapists for maximum peace of mind.

With a 24 hour emergency call-out service; C2 registered, fully insured and safe pass qualified, Abbey Mobility can also carry out all grant-funded work through the Mobility Aids Grant Scheme.