John Hanly has an array of throws and blankets in different materials.

Love an outdoor summer

By Geraldine Fitzgerald

The drinks may have been warm and the sandwiches soggy, but every family has fond memories of picnicking on a rug, from the beach to the back garden.

128 years of skilled weaving tradition means John Hanly products have always been high on the list of desirable items.

Long renowned for their sumptuous throws and scarves, the company now offers the ideal product for people who like to dine al fresco – the gorgeous classic picnic blanket.

It’s a roomy 6ft by 4.5ft and is loomed from 100 per cent pure wool in Tipperary, using natural fibre materials sourced from ethical and sustainable suppliers.

The patterns of plaid, tartan and windowpane are a nod to nostalgia, but with a modern twist. There are 25 different colourways to choose from, from vibrant hues to earthy shades.

The large Irish picnic blanket will take you anywhere. It’s a testament to craftsmanship to be passed on to the family, thrown down for a picnic or wrapped around you once the wind picks up.

A recent innovation is the ‘Hug in a Rug’ bag, which makes your picnic blanket easy to carry and is perfect for our rain-or-shine weather.

You can add it on at checkout on the website, and as you’re browsing have a look at the ever-evolving collection of colourful textiles, made by the in-house team of designers using over 500 different types of yarn.