Brush your teeth, kids

Brushing, flossing and regular dental visits are the key to ensuring a healthy smile and kids are no exception to this rule.

Every little hero knows how important it is to keep our teeth looking clean and healthy. Jordan Oral Care have some tips to help all your little hero's fight against plaque and cavities

• Start brushing your child’s teeth with a fluoride toothpaste as soon as their first tooth appears. Children’s first teeth usually start coming in at around six months, and by the age of three, they usually have 20 baby teeth.

• Ensure they are using a tooth brush adapted to their age and needs. The Jordan Step by Step kids range grows with your child, delivering what they need at every age.

• Help your child brush their teeth and explain what you are doing. Brush twice a day for two minutes, once in the morning and once before bedtime.

• Brush gently, with small circular movements along the gums.

• Remember small children can’t spit. Be sure to choose a mild fruity flavoured toothpaste with the recommended fluoride for their age like Jordan’s 0-5years Kids Toothpaste (€2.99) & Jordan Junior Toothpaste (€2.99) and use the tooth paste indicator on the bristles Jordan Kids Collection toothbrushes to ensure you use the correct amount.

• For babies, it is important to choose a gentle toothpaste with a mild taste and low fluoride content and toothbrush specifically designed for their age like Jordan’s 0-5years Kids Toothpaste (€2.99).

• Since children have less dexterity and motor skill development than adults, you should help brush your child’s teeth. Help encourage them by brushing with them, why not let them pick out the design of your Jordan Oral Care Individual Reach Adult Toothbrush (€4/two-pack) there are many to choose from.