Naturally moving towards my autumn wardrobe

The past week I’ve just felt instinctively more drawn to putting my jeans back on which I haven’t been wearing in a while and which my body may take a while to acclimatise to. It’s so easy just to throw on loose items with no waistband in the summer but my autumn winter wardrobe has so much more structure to it.

When it comes to footwear, I’m trying to get the last hoorah out of my summer sandals but it feels somewhat strange wearing them on a grey day. Even though it’s still quite warm I just equate sandal wearing with sunshine so for now I’ve started to reassess my boot collection to see which ones I’ll be wearing now and carrying through to the winter with me.

Top of the list is my absolute favourite - the trusty ankle boot. The ankle boot is the ultimate transitional boot and dare I say it you can wear it all year round. It’s the type of boot that just goes with everything, is easy to wear and always gets me out of a footwear dilemma.

It’s the boot I reach for first come autumn when I feel like I need a little more foot coverage but I’m not yet ready for a knee or thigh high situation. Chances are you already have a favourite pair in your wardrobe but if you don’t or you need a refresh then now is the time to source a pair as all the best ones are available at the start of the season.

There are so many different styles of ankle boot to choose from and I have about four pairs that I wear the most. A slim back pair with an almond shape toe, a tan pair of western style boots, my absolute go-tos the white square toe and a chunky soled black pair that were my most recent purchase. You may find you only need one good pair of black boots to go with everything that you own or maybe a dressy pair of sock boots is more your style.

Just assess your wardrobe and what will slot in best for you. My slim black boots are perfect for wearing with pretty much everything. The work well under denim and when

I start wearing tights again, they are always the first pair I reach for with a shorter skirt.

It’s also important to consider proportions when choosing your boots. I love wearing an ankle boot with shorter lengths but sometimes a knee high works better under midi lengths. If I’m not sure what to go for I do find for me the chunky soled ankle boot or indeed my Dr Martens will work well under a midi dress or skirt. They are the type of boot that just magically work with everything.

If you’re trying to get a bit more longevity to your summer looks then I find a western boot is perfect for this.

It seems to take the casualness of a summer look and give it a slightly boho feel when paired together. Just sling a denim or leather jacket over the top and you’re done. For a more night time feel, pair a mini dress with a sleek sock boot to create a fabulous silhouette and casual pop a blazer over the top.

With so many gorgeous boot options it’s easy to see why this is so many peoples favourite time of the year…or maybe that’s just me.