New to our shores

Say hello to Skin Sapiens, a new skincare collection launching in Ireland this month.

Citing transparency and honesty at its core, Skin Sapiens believes that everybody should know what they put on to their skin and into the environment.

By marrying nature and science to blend nature's best active botanicals, the brand leaves out the extra ingredients that often sneak their way into busy formulations and instead makes pure and effective skincare with only the essentials.

They then proudly list the small number of ingredients on its recycled and recyclable packaging, so that you can feel truly comfortable in your own skin as well as being totally aware of what it is you’re placing on it.

Following a soft launch last month, which saw Skin Sapiens introduce three skincare products created especially with babies and young children in mind, the full core range of facial skincare products for adults is now available, making this conscious skincare collection the new go-to range for the whole family.

The Skin Sapiens range is designed to clean, care and protect skin of all ages and skin types, even sensitive skin. The Skin Sapiens core range of products consists of several skincare products including a lip balm, serums, cleansers and a face cream.

Skin Sapiens founder James Jardella said: “We know that skincare enthusiasts across the world are becoming more and more conscious about what they’re putting on their skin, but also about how they’re treating the environment. Our aim as a brand is to be an advocate for conscious beauty, to empower those who use our product to not only feel like they’re making small changes in their lives by using Skin Sapiens, but that they also have the knowledge and understanding about what exactly they’re using on their skin. This is essential for people of all ages – to feel comfortable in their own skin.”