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Awash with whirlpool sales

Whirlpool baths are having a moment.

Sonas Bathrooms recently revealed that it has noticed a dramatic increase in demand for baths this year.

The Irish company reported that bath sales are up nearly 30 per cent since 2019 and up over 60 per cent since 2020.

Significantly, whirlpool bath sales are up nearly 90 per cent since last year. Double ended whirlpool baths are up 99 per cent.

Sonas said that this would suggest that people are investing in baths again because they have the time to take them now that they’re at home and want the luxury spa like feeling with a whirlpool. As reported in the Sonas Big Bathroom Survey earlier this year, 89 per cent of us have at least one bath in our homes.

Upgrading from a regular bath to a whirlpool bath may seem an extravagant luxury, but many Sonas baths can be upgraded to the whirlpool, and it is now easier and more affordable than you'd think. With sales up 90 per cent last year they certainly aren’t a luxury for celebrities anymore!

A whirlpool bath operates on a simple but very effective system. Pumps suck your bath water into a system of jets, which then propel the water back into the bath, combining it with air which produces a wonderful bubbling effect that helps soothe the body and mind. A whirlpool bath relaxes you, can enhance sleep hygiene and in certain cases have significant health benefits.