Husqvarna has picked a range of products to ensure outdoor areas are winter ready.

Get winter ready

Winter is coming and it’s time for the last cut of the season and looking towards preparing the garden and outdoor spaces for the cold months ahead!

It might be tempting to stay indoors and enjoy a little bit of downtime during the cooler winter months, but your garden needs some TLC before you retire the tools for the cold season ahead.

Husqvarna has revealed a range of must haves for the upcoming winter gardening season, including top tips from the Husqvarna Ireland expert team on how best to prepare your outdoor space and gardening equipment for the season ahead.

From winter lawn preparation, to pruning trees and hedges, to making sure gardening tools are ready to be stored away, there’s plenty to keep you occupied outdoors, even while nature slows down.

Husqvarna has picked a range of products from its expansive range to ensure outdoor areas big and small are autumn-winter ready, including top tips from the Husqvarna Ireland expert team on how best to prepare for the cold seasons ahead.

The Husqvarna Ireland expert team including Husqvarna Ireland Tech Expert, Andy Walsh, have put together some top tips to prepare your garden or outdoor space for winter and make the most of the crisp, fresh air.

Equipment service

After the final cut of the season, now is the perfect time to service all garden tools and equipment before storing away for the colder months. Inspect cutting deck, blades and belts to ensure there’s no visible wear and tear. Empty all petrol in equipment tanks before storage to avoid hard starting engines for the next season and ensure all battery products are fully charged before storing.

Trimmer care

Once the final winter pruning is complete, remember to remove smaller grass clippings that may have gotten stuck in between blades. Empty out the petrol tank and a top tip is to remove the trimmer line and let it soak in fresh water during the winter season - by doing so, it will maintain its flexibility, handle more strain and last longer.

Professional service

For the best results and prolonged product life, give your gardening tools and equipment the deluxe treatment and turn it in for a day at the your local Husqvarna service centre before storing away for winter.

Cut it right

As autumn draws to a close, it's time to let your grass grow a little bit longer for winter. Raise the height of your lawn mower cutting deck to between 2 and 2 ½ inches. This helps your grass survive through the colder months by leaving enough of a blade for improved photosynthesis. Two inches is the golden number, it's short enough to prevent the growth of mould and moss, but long enough to keep the roots protected from frost damage.

Leaf clean up

If you notice more than a handful of leaves turning brown on the lawn, it’s time to take out your leaf blower or a rake. Allowing leaves to stay on your grass over winter can cause issues such as fungal growth, patchiness, and grass browning or yellowing. Blast your lawn into submission, removing any leaves and surface debris - then throw whatever you have removed into the compost bin.

Lawn aeration

If you notice water pooling on your lawn or have grass that’s looking worse for wear, aeration is an ideal stopgap to use in winter. Instead of removing compacted grass, you create a series of small but deep holes across the lawn. This allows water to reach the roots and drain away while boosting airflow, helping reduce the risk of disease and grass death.

Prune and trimming

Pruning plants and trimming trees and hedges in the winter minimises the risk of infection or disease setting into fresh cuts. Another benefit is that most plants are in a state of dormancy at this time, meaning energy storage moves from the leaves and branches and into their root systems. This results in less shock - especially when performing more rigorous pruning. Plants and trees to prune during winter include apple and pear trees, deciduous shrubs, roses, fruit bushes, summer clematis, wisteria.

Clean the patio/furniture

Before everything is stored away for another season, this is the perfect time to clean off the patio, garden furniture, decking and concreate areas using your Husqvarna pressure washer - a deep clean now saves the hassle when the brighter days return come spring time.

Clean your greenhouse

Greenhouses and poly grow tunnels are pretty much used 365 days a year. This makes it hard to keep them in tiptop condition, especially when it comes to the glass or poly sheeting. Everything from pollution to water residue can prevent maximum sunlight reaching your tender plants and seedlings. Winter is the ideal time to give it a deep clean and ready for another year of protected growth.

The easiest way to clean the glass and frame of your greenhouse is with a pressure washer and a few attachments.

Store tools correctly

Ideally, you want to protect them from as much moisture, damp and excessively cold weather as possible. If you don’t have a garage, a shed will work equally as well.

If moisture is a common occurrence, investing in a dehumidifier can go a long way with preserving your tools. If you don’t have an inside place to keep your tools, then you will definitely want to invest in some covers for them. A simple lean-to structure against a protected wall will provide ample protection from rain, wind and UV. If you need to store your lawnmower outdoors, placing it on house bricks will keep it from sitting in puddles.