Business advisor James Burke. Photo: Eugene Langan

LEO run support programme for small businesses

The Reboot Support Programme will be run by Cork City Council’s Local Enterprise Office (LEO) and is aimed to help the many Leeside retailers who have faced challenges over the past 24 months.

It also sets out to help retailers, many of whom have had to completely reinvent their business model, to take a step back and take a strategic look at their business and the new retail opportunities have surfaced during the pandemic.

The programme involves a three-hour online workshop exploring the latest retail and foodservice trends, to help owners and managers identify new business opportunity areas.

This will include a section dedicated to practical sales and marketing tips and optimising online selling in a post-Covid marketplace.

Each participating business will also receive a site visit from business advisor James Burke, who will undertake a thorough business assessment designed to flush out opportunities for 2022 and beyond.

Commenting on the programme, Cork City Council LEO Head of Enterprise Paul McGuirk said: “We are delighted to have James Burke, who is one of Ireland’s leading food and retail business advisors, to help these businesses to look at new ways to improve their sales growth and profitability.”

The programme takes place on 20 October from 8-11am and is open to businesses including retailers, cafés, eateries, beauticians, gyms hairdressers, barbers, and opticians.

Places on the programme can be booked on