The Lifetime Memory Journal.

A Christmas you won’t forget!

What gift could be better than handing a loved one a lifetime of memories and magic moments?

Limerick mum of five Lisa Daly’s recently launched website allows you to do just that with a selection of wonderful products designed to capture all of those special memories and share them with a loved one.

The busy mum started working on her This is You Memory Journal a long time ago and was finally able to share it with the world in March of this year. Since then, she has added a number of other thoughtful and beautiful products to her range.

The original product, the Lifetime Memory Journal, collects memories from age 0-21 and is intended to be gifted to your loved one on their 21st birthday.

The journal is full of guides, prompts and questions it will be full of some beautiful memories to keep by the time their 21st birthday comes around.

Then there’s the Home Organisational Journal, again full of guides, questions and spaces designed to help you keep your home organised inside and out. It is an organisational journal but also a journal to keep down through the years to remember what you did, how much it cost and when you did it. A history book in the making!

The third product designed by Lisa are here Lifetime Memory Cards. Like the memory journal, the cards go from 0 to 21. Simply fill up the back of them and place a photo underneath and gift them to your child on their 21st. It’s a very easy and quick way to remember those special memories.

Lisa has also recently brought out a set of 15 greeting cards contained in a small box which can easily be stored away in a drawer in your home for easy access.

Finally, Lisa’s latest product is her beautiful Christmas Memory Book, an A5 hardback full of questions, prompts and guides to remember all those Christmas memories.

All books are beautifully packaged and presented in keepsake, A5-sized boxes making them nice and neat and easily stored, and always easy to put your hands on.

Visit to order one of Lisa’s products this Christmas.