Clune: Know your rights

An MEP has urged shoppers to be careful if buying from the UK especially as Black Friday approaches.

Ireland South MEP Deirdre Clune has urged shoppers to be very aware when shopping online in the Black Friday sales. Changes are also in place when it comes to sending parcels to the UK so it is vital consumers are aware of the new rules.

MEP Clune said: “Black Friday can be very beneficial for those looking for a bargain but things are very different now for shoppers when it comes to buying from the UK. There are also changes when it comes to sending parcels to the UK so it is so important to be aware of the changes so that shoppers are not hit with unforeseen extra charges. Consumers need to be mindful that additional charges such as custom duties or VAT may now apply to goods purchased from the UK.”

Deirdre Clune is a member of the European Parliament Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Affairs.

She added: “When a consumer shops online from a business in the EU, they have strong consumer rights under EU consumer protection legislation. However consumers no longer automatically have these rights when buying from a UK-based business.

“I would urge shoppers to find out where the business they are buying from is located. It is not enough that the website has a .ie domain name or that prices are in euro as the business could still be located in the UK. It is important, if in doubt to check the T&Cs on the website for their physical location.,” she concluded.