Perfection versus consistency

We have a saying in our coaching programme here at CM Fitness: ‘Aim for consistency, not perfection’.

Perfection is something that really derails people from achieving the results in their lifestyle and body that they want, and it is simply because they are expecting too much from themselves. They expect every workout, diet, and plan to run smoothly and have no bumps in the road but unfortunately, that is not real life.

You will experience setbacks, hardship, and distractions, so here’s a few tips on what you need to implement to switch that mindset away perfection and towards consistency.

Exercise: Will you be able to get to the gym every day and nail all exercises goals every day, every week, and every month?

No. Very few people can keep that up all year round, so aim to workout on days you know will be easier for you in your schedule, where you have more free time and can fit it in easier compared to packing it into heavy days in your week.

Food: 80/20 is the rule we live by in our coaching programme. Spend 80 per cent of time focusing and doing your best with nutrition and 20 per cent of the time having the flexibility to live life and enjoy foods, weekends, and drink with an element of self-control.

You’ll find that 80 per cent of time spent managing nutrition is far more sustainable long term than aiming for 100 per cent all the time.

Cutting out junk at the weekends: Let’s be honest here, do you really want to never have a meal out or takeaway at the weekend ever again?

I sure as hell don’t, and my clients don’t either. Limiting junk is helpful, but you can’t expect yourself to eliminate it altogether; we’re only human and we all want treats at some point. So, plan it ahead of time and factor it in.

Accept everyday won’t go well: Don’t expect every single day to go according to your plan. It’s okay. Even if 30 days go terribly, you still have 335 days to be consistent with. That is what will get you the results you want, and those 30 days will have very little impact overall in the bigger picture.

Consistency = results every time. It is not easy to gain control over, but this is where we excel with our clients in building these systems for them to achieve.

If you want to achieve consistency in 2022 to finally achieve the results you want, just contact CM Fitness today and let’s have a chat.