Sequins are always a good idea!

We have entered the month of December, my tree is up and so I can finally sit back and allow myself to feel festive.

I have also gotten a lot of my Christmas jobs done last weekend so I’m feeling in a bit less of a panic about gift buying even though I have been here before where I’ve fooled myself into thinking I was sorted, only to discover two days before Christmas Eve that I had about four people left to buy for and I also had nothing to wear on Christmas Day!

She says with a wardrobe full of clothes but sometimes it is nice to have a new outfit for the festive season, although I’m very aware we should all be wearing the clothes we already have. I’ll try and order the last of my presents online this week but I’ve also tried to buy the majority of my gifts from local retailers this year so will pick up any other bits and bobs down town at the weekend.

I’ve also been thinking about Christmas Day outfits and as always it feels like there are two distinct camps when it comes to festive style. Those who are looking for any excuse to dress up and will be going full on glam for the occasion and those who will be investing in a slightly fancier loungewear than normal.

No matter what, I always like to make an effort Christmas Day and will get dressed up for the start of the day and for dinner.

We are early dinner eaters in my house so come 3pm and after a snooze, it will be into the comfies to spend the rest of the day curled up on the couch watching musicals and eating my weight in chocolate Kimberleys.

I always find a nice, easy to wear midi dress and some boots is perfect for Christmas Day as it’s comfortable, looks dressy but really you haven’t had to think too much about it. Add a faux fur and you’ll be looking super stylish if you plan on going for a post dinner walk.

I always have great intentions of a walk on Christmas Day but so far I have yet to ever do it.

This year could be the one. Silk Peaches have some gorgeous knit midi dresses that are cosy et stylish and all you need is some great accessories like a leather belt to pull in the waist and some boots to complete the look.

I’m also quite taken with sequins this year, probably because I haven’t worn any in about two years and so it feels like I’m ready to embrace them again.

If you are looking for some show stopping yet very wearable sequins items may I point you in the direction of Savida at Dunnes Stores.

They have a white and silver sequin matching top and skirt which is just divine and absolutely won’t break the bank while looking much more expensive than it is. It would look fab worn together for the full on glam effect with a silver or metallic platform sandal or worn separately to create a couple of different looks.

I would pair the skirt with tights, boots and a chunky grey knit for a cool festive brunch with the gals look and then you could wear the top over jeans or a leather skirt with heels for dinner and drinks.

It’s so versatile ensuring you get more than one wear out of it plus as with all sequins they rarely date, so you can pull it out year after year. Sequins are always a good idea.