Roses are red this Valentine's Day

I think the perfect Valentine's delivery is roses, not a big hefty bunch of them but something more subtle.

A lotion, cream or scent with rose in it will last longer than the flowers and offer infinite pleasure to the recipient. The rose scent has been associated with mood enhancement, seen as a relaxing scent that can help relieve anxiety.

The diverse skincare benefits of rose include:

• Rich in vitamin C and E

• Anti-inflammatory properties

•Locks in moisture

• Anti-bacterial qualities


This is a brand I discovered recently and is available at All Ojar fragrances have been designed to encourage layering: each scent has a signature scent profile that’s still minimalist enough to not overwhelm the senses when combined.

By layering two or more fragrances, you can customise your olfactive signature and over time, learn more about your unique fragrance preferences and become a true connoisseur.

For those new to the practice, certain fragrance families such as musk or sandalwood are a great starting point as they’re easy to layer. Ojar has crafted eighteen individual fragrances based on six core ingredients that can be layered or worn singularly.

Three of the ingredients, frankincense, rose and honey, are native to Oman, forming the brand’s proud Omani DNA.

Meanwhile, sandalwood, oud and musk, well-loved ingredients across the world, act as harmonious companions that blend Eastern and Western notes together.

Red Redemption is my absolute favourite. It smells so decadent and the rollerball applicator means that the scent lingers on the skin and there is no waste. I have found there is no need to reapply the scent as it warms into the skin all day. It is distinctive, audacious yet not overbearing.

Avant Skincare

Meticulously scrutinising each ingredient in their products, their ingredient-led product names offer full transparency as to what’s inside, helping their customers better understand the ingredients they put on their skin and make an informed choice.

Rose has long been used in skincare for its diverse skincare benefits. Ancient Egyptians would boil down roses to make cosmetics and healing balms, and used rose oil to protect their skin against harsh desert winds. More recently, rose is still widely used in cosmetics due to its widely publicised skincare benefits. My three choices from the range are:

• Damascan Rose Petals Revitalising Serum, €129

• Rose and Squalane Revitalising Duo Moisturiser €99

• Gentle Rose Beautifying Exfoliant, €107

Sanctuary Spa

The new exclusive Sanctuary Spa White Lily & Damask range is a heavenly scented collection available from selected stores nationwide. The delicate shower burst transforms into sumptuous peaks of whipped and creamy foam that envelops the skin in a cloud of cleansing lather which leaves your body feeling, cleansed, silky and smooth.


Kissing is an important element of every Valentine's Day. Nuxe's Very Rose moisturising and beautifying lip balm (RRP €12.90) with rose oil extract and vanilla notes made from 100 per cent natural-origin ingredients. The formula is enriched with an oil extract of rose obtained from the petals of May Roses from Morocco.

Known for its rich content of fatty acids, this extract helps to moisturise dry to very dry lips.

It is combined with the protective properties of beeswax and shea butter, which helps to soothe and comfort lips, relieving sensations of tightness. A 100 per cent botanical colouring agent gives it its delicate rosy shade.

Its melt-away texture is delicately scented with vanilla notes: a delectable, evocative pleasure with irresistible appeal. Illuminated with a subtle sheen, lips look truly captivating.