‘More is more and less is a bore’

The time has finally come for us to get a sneak peek of the new Iris Apfel X H&M collection. If any of you know me, you know this is the collaboration I have been waiting for.

As someone who loves a maximalist look, the collection couldn’t be more perfect and I know my fellow maxi people will love this. As is to be expected the collection features a show stopping kaleidoscope of wonderfully clashing colours, patterns, textures and materials which stays true to the 100 year old style icons famously over the top style that is much admired by all generations of fashionistas.

She is synonymous with her own brand of sartorial wisdom and being completely her own woman. As she says herself, “more is more and less is a bore” and I think we can all use a little bit of that in our lives.

The pieces feel larger than life, joyously brazen, irreverent even — fitting for Iris Apfel, who has defined her unique look by going against fashion stereotypes. Iris doesn’t believe in following trends. She believes that style should come from within.

The collection is an invitation to reveal your true self through what you wear and to have fun with fashion. Dress for yourself and you can never go wrong. This seems now more relevant than ever as we get back to socialising and the fashion ethos seems to be embrace your personal style and wear whatever your like. There are no rules.

The designs reflect this positive, empowering outlook. They’re playful, bold and original.

There is a vivid aquamarine suit embroidered with delicate garden pea vines, the peas rendered as iridescent pearls; a glossy acid green and violet jacquard jacket with an oversized feather pattern and a chic, timeless silhouette; a fuzzy green cropped blazer with a floral-print lining; a wonderfully voluminous violet jacket made from theatrical tulle swirls; as well as relaxed lounge sets, dramatic kaftans, and more.

And more is definitely more when it comes to the collection’s palette, which features a rainbow of exuberant, vibrant colours: canary yellow, emerald green, violet, turquoise, sunset orange. A feast for the eyes.

What would an Iris Apfel collaboration be with out the trademark jewellery and accessories for which she is undoubtedly most well known? It is also with these beautiful baubles that you can play around with and add your own signature style to the collection.

Charm bracelets, bejewelled animal motifs and chains all combine to create a look that can be stacked to dramatic effect or just add one key piece and really let it do the talking.

The collection’s fabulously baroque garments, jewellery and accessories are not one-hit wonders to be pulled out only for special events. They are designed for everyone and any occasion.

They can certainly be worn all together for an eccentric extravaganza à la Iris, but they can also be paired with neutral wardrobe staples, like a favourite pair of jeans and a white shirt, for a versatile outfit with a flash of fantasy.

Make these pieces your own, experiment with your style, and find your inner Iris.