A possible design for the playground.

Glanmire seeks new playground

Katie O'Keeffe

A community group in Glanmire has come together to try and secure a new playground for the town.

The Glanmire Amenities Committee was set up with the aim of advancing the progress in much needed facilities for the area.

As one of Cork's youngest communities, the current priority for the group is a new upgraded play area.

The existing playground at John O'Callaghan Park suffers from regular damage by either extensive flooding or anti-social behaviour.

Plans have been drawn up to show the community an example of what could be. The committee will present the plans as well as a fully detailed outline to Cork City Council to hopefully help the development progress.

Speaking to the Cork Independent, Chair of the Committee Ger Moloney said: “We have three new estates that were built in Glanmire in the last three years, yet no additional facilities have been added to the area.”

The committee have identified an area adjacent to Hazelwood Shopping Centre which they say is available and is a very suitable location for a playground. It is also behind a brand new cycleway which the group feels would encourage people to leave the car at home and cycle to the area.

The playground committee and the wider Glanmire community are eager to hear feedback from Cork City Council as they understand there will be substantial fundraising to undertake.

Ger said: “We are fully prepared to fundraise for this, we don't want it handed to us, all we want is what has been given to every other area, a fabulous park inclusive for everyone that's enclosed by a fence.”

Local Fianna Fáil TD and committee member Padraig O'Sullivan said the current plans represent an opportunity to have a central and easily accessible location.

He told the Cork Independent: “With the continued residential development in the greater Glanmire area, a for-purpose playground facility is important. At present many families in Glanmire go further afield to bring their children to similar amenities.”

He added: “It’s also important to recognise that city council is also looking at designating a large area for a regional park in the current development plan and this too will benefit the communities of Glanmire and Mayfield.”