Network Ireland West Cork President Marie Wiseman. Photo: Anna Groniecka

Graphic design workshop to help businesswomen

Network Ireland West Cork will next week host a workshop on graphic design to help businesswomen save time and money.

The Be Your Own Best Graphic Designer: Canva Workshop will take place online on Wednesday 4 May at 7.30pm where those attending will get to see how Canva can be a useful tool for creating everything from a social media graphic and an event invitation to a logo, business card or presentation.

Canva is used by many professionals as it’s considered one of the more user-friendly design platforms and is easily accessible by phone or desktop.

Network Ireland West Cork President Marie Wiseman, owner of Wiser Marketing, said:

“Whether you’re part of a corporate marketing team or an entrepreneur, it’s so important to know how to do your own basic graphic design. Even if you have a trusted graphic designer on your team, sometimes you have to make a big change at the last minute to meet a deadline so it’s important to at least know the essentials.”

Everyone is invited to join this fun and educational online workshop, where Network Ireland West Cork will give you the key tips and tricks to become your own best graphic designer.

This workshop will feature three key speakers who will give a short presentation on how they use Canva in their every day professional and personal lives.

The workshop, which is free to Network Ireland West Cork members and €15 for non-members, will include Jeanne Sullivan Billeci, Life Coach, Author and Marketing Communications Expert, Sharon Huggard, Founder of The Style Coach and Mailo Power, Managing Director of Monkey Reusable Products.