A calming treat

It’s not just our skin that can be sensitive, our scalp can too but help is at hand.

Klorane’s expertly developed Peony range soothes the scalp and provides relief from dryness, itchiness and discomfort. Perfectly pink and powered by plants, the beautifully scented soothing and anti-irritating shampoo and conditioner is a calming treat for sensitive scalps.

Our skin can react for a number of reasons, irritable products, poor diet or simply the daily stresses of life but unlike the skin on our face, the scalp is often forgotten and never pampered.

Since 1994, the laboratories at botanical French haircare brand Klorane have been using peony to care for the most sensitive scalps. At the heart of the roots of Chinese peony hides an incredibly soothing natural active ingredient, paeoniflorin. Klorane’s Peony range, enriched with peony extract, restores comfort and alleviates dryness in the scalp while creating a zen effect through its relaxing fragrance.

For another delicate addition to your daily haircare routine, add in the iconic Klorane Gentle Oat Dry Shampoo to prolong the time between washes while saving water and time. In just two minutes, your hair’s volume and texture is restored and the balance of your scalp is respected. Also available in tinted for dark hair.