Natasha Crowley.

I've mostly shopped my own wardrobe for this trip

Next week I am off on holidays and shall be enjoying myself thoroughly just sitting pool side with a cocktail.

It’s my first proper sun holiday in years as any time I’ve been away recently it’s been more of a city break vibe.

I’m headed to Palma and while we could have booked somewhere in the city centre, all I really wanted to do was lie by the pool and relax but with the option to travel into the city if the mood takes us.

After a busy year I am ready for a little rest and relaxation. I’m so ready for it that in a very out of character move I pretty much have my bags already packed. We are keeping it to carry on so of course space is limited but it’s just so much handier.

I feel like I have mastered the art of packing only what I need whilst keeping a little bit of room for the necessary holiday purchases.

I find with a sun holiday that will consist of mainly lounging by a pool or the sea you really don’t need that much and the items are small so don’t take up a huge amount of room compared to a break in winter which can be a nightmare with chunky knitwear and such. We are going for five days so I have packed 4 bikinis as inevitably we will spend at least one day either pottering about the city or sightseeing and won’t be by the pool. To be fair I probably could have brought less bikinis but as I haven’t worn one in about 4 years it’s actually quite a novelty.

I found it quite hard to find nice new bikinis but managed to get 2 lovely new ones in Dunnes Stores. They have a good selection, and the fits are very flattering offering a full butt coverage that you won’t find in other stores. I must say aside from the bikinis I haven’t bought much else new for the holidays except for underwear because have you even left the country if you haven’t packed brand new knickers for your trip?!

I have mostly shopped my own wardrobe for this trip and am delighted to be finally getting the wear out of my summer holiday clothes. Not that I have specific clothes for holidays but there’s always a few pieces that really only get a wear when you go to sunnier climes. I have a beautiful chiffon kimono that I bought years ago that will look great worn over my swimwear, it’s just so light and easy to throw on when you’re down by the pool but also works well worn over a white tee and some denim shorts.

I really just want easy to wear pieces with little fuss when I’m in the heat as I am not someone who takes naturally to the sun. You’ll mostly find me sitting under an umbrella with my factor 50 on reading a book and I am quite happy there.

One thing I did buy and which I have never worn on holidays are hats. How have I gone on so many sun holidays and never worn a hat?

Anyway, I decided this year I was going to bite the bullet and I bought myself a mint baseball cap to wear on my casual days and they I also bought a straw hat for the days when I go a bit dressy.

I feel like this will be a game changer for me as I’m constantly paranoid about burning my face and scalp. So now I’ll be extra safe while keeping my holiday looks stylish.

Now I just hope I can cope with the hat hair situation.