Two Sonas Freya 60cm vanity units in Cashmere Pink Matt.

Two basins? Let that sink in

By Geraldine Fitzgerald

Despite the rising costs of construction materials, remodelling your bathroom is a wonderful way to may a practical and positive change to an area you use a lot; won’t shatter the budget and you can make it look quite palatial.

One of the things people hum and haw about when remodelling the bathroom is single versus double vanities. If you share a sink with a partner or children, 2 sinks halve the time it takes to get ready. Decision made.

Double vanities units might seem counterintuitive for the smallest room in the house but can make the space look larger and are well worth considering; just take some measurements and see how far the door comes into the room.

Well-constructed vanity units serve a dual-purpose role as practical storage space and an eye-catching décor feature.

Sonas Bathrooms have noticed an increase in interest in double basins, especially with self-build customers who are specifying larger bathrooms in their plans.

In busy family homes, especially at morning time, before work or school, bathrooms can get particularly busy, so double basins come into their own.

Aesthetics aside, a dual unit leads to more harmonious relationships – there’ll be no more rows about globules of toothpaste or unauthorised use of the €200 serum.

It’s practical to have space for people to have their own area for lotions and potions, and you’ll never brush your teeth with the husband’s shaving foam again.

Practically speaking, it makes sense to have a dedicated space for two people who have their own gear scattered around the sink.

Vanity units add more coveted storage in what is usually a small room, so everything is tucked away, and clean lines add to the sense of space.

If you’re installing a double vanity unit, you’ll need additional plumbing, which is not a big deal.

Give some thought to where you want your lighting to be; as over-mirror lighting will need to be accommodated too -again; a relatively small job.

Mirrors and lighting will finish off your piéce de resistance.

You can choose to have one large mirror spanning both spaces, which does add the benefit of appearing to make the whole space bigger, or choose single mirrors over each basin with a surround or functional shelving to go over each sink.

An impressive bathroom does in fact add to the resale value of a home, but more importantly it gives you all the space you need and stops crankiness in the morning with less frenetic jockeying for position.