Ellen after 10 sessions.

H2 Clinic is five years in Bishopstown

H2 Clinic has been treating the people of Cork for many years. We spoke to them and a patient to find out more about what they do and how it can help people.

Tell us about the services you provide:

Hydrogen therapy is a clinical procedure that involves administering molecular hydrogen (H2) for therapeutic purposes. Hydrogen is commonly known as a flammable gas, however in its molecular form it is very safe and can be good for your health.

There are a variety of methods available to administer hydrogen for therapeutic purposes, the most common being hydrogen diffusion in water and inhalation through nasal cannula as well as topically. H2 consumption or application is effective within 10 minutes in the body and due to its small size, molecular hydrogen can easily penetrate and diffuse through the cell membrane, making it highly bioavailable.

The multidimensional benefits of hydrogen have shown to reduce pain, enhance brain health, promote healthy ageing and longevity, and influence injury recovery.

At H2 clinic in Bishopstown, we administer hydrogen using specially calibrated high volume hydrogen generators for best therapeutic results.

How long is H2 Clinic in Bishopstown been open?

We are operating here for the past 5 years. H2 Clinic was established in 2018 by Noel O’Connor, specialist in the treatment of back pain for the past 35 years at Kilross Clinic in Bishopstown. Having researched the theory and clinical application of hydrogen as a therapy for conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, neuropathic pain and many other conditions that didn’t respond to manual treatment, molecular hydrogen has proved to be a very safe and effective treatment option.

What type of person benefits from sessions at H2 clinic?

Everyone can benefit for hydrogen therapy. It can treat such an array of conditions from autoimmune conditions to a sore baby toe. Currently we treat a lot of people with post Covid-19 symptoms and all have reported benefits from the therapy. Most people who tried this therapy will report to us that their sleeping has improved. Results should be seen immediately and are usually long lasting.

What are the main conditions treated at H2 Clinic in the past 5 years?

Rheumatoid Arthritis, respiratory problems, localised osteoarthritic pain, sinus, skin, post Covid-19 symptoms as well as overall wellbeing.

Do you have to be a particular age to attend sessions here?

No, it is suitable for people of all ages.

Ellen, tell us about your experience at H2 clinic and why you attended?

Ellen: I was suffering from hormonal acne for around 10 years. I was struggling to find anything that made a significant difference. I was researching alternative therapies when I came across the H2 clinic in Bishopstown. I did some research and rang the clinic to have a chat. I decided to go ahead and book a course of sessions.

How many sessions did you have?

Ellen: After about 5 sessions, I started to notice I was not getting as many new pimples. After 10 sessions, I had hardly any new breakouts. Now my skin is virtually breakout free. Every few months, I go in for a top up session to keep on top of it.

Would you recommend H2 clinic to a friend?

Ellen: I absolutely would recommend the H2 clinic. The staff are so warm and friendly. The experience of going in for the hydrogen is so relaxing. I would recommend it for anybody suffering with hormonal acne as well as a range of other issues.

How has H2 clinic helped your life and confidence?

Ellen: I am now so much happier and confident in myself. I used to be very conscious of my skin. I would cover it up with makeup. Now, I am confident enough to go out without makeup. It has completely changed my life.