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The secrets to mixing patterns and prints in home décor

When starting your interior decorating project, mixing patterns and prints can be a daunting task. Whether you’re tired of all-white interiors or you’re looking to incorporate a few of your favourite motifs into a room, there are plenty of ways to mix designs while maintaining a stylishly curated space. Here’s an expert guide to mixing patterns and prints in home décor, by Corcoran Furniture’s content specialist Lauren Mateer.

Be ready to go bold: if you’re planning to mix patterns in your home décor, the first step is to embrace the idea of a bold look. Don’t be afraid to go big, whether it’s a full wall of standout wallpaper or a bright selection of bedding.

If you love a certain pattern or print, let it guide your interior design aesthetic, and enjoy creating daring home decor style for your space.

Coordinate your palette: an easy way to effectively mix patterns and prints is to opt for an array of styles from a coordinating colour palette.

For example, if you want to pair floral curtains with striped wallpaper, selecting a similar pastel colour palette for both will make sure that the designs will mesh.

Or, let’s say you’ve chosen a vibrant rug or wallpaper with a medley of hues — using those same colours in throw pillows, wall art, and other small details helps to maintain a coordinated look rather than creating an haphazard mishmash of patterns and prints.

Three is the magic number: while you can certainly pair just two patterns together, three is ideal when it comes to mixing patterns for most homes.

Whether you choose similar designs or a mix of different patterns, three is a great number to get that eclectic look without going overboard. When it comes to choosing your prints, opt for a mix of simple and intricate patterns. Consider a ratio of 60%/30%/10% for your patterns which will allow you to focus on a main pattern that is complimented by your other two patterns.

Size matters: sometimes, you don’t have to choose different patterns to get that mixed-print look. Similar patterns with different sizing can offer a subtler version of the same effect. For example, why not pair big, bold, chevron scatter cushions with tighter herringbone sofa upholstery for an effective and complementary design?

No matter your decor aesthetic, there’s room to add patterns to your decor. Need more styling advice? Get in touch with our expert team, or check out more styling blogs on our website CorcoransFurniture.ie.