New series to help improve memory

A series of videos have been uploaded online to help people across Cork city and county protect and improve their memory.

The six videos which are available on the Cork Kerry Community Healthcare YouTube channel have been produced by occupational therapists working in primary care and in the Memory Technology Resource Room on the St Finbarr’s Health Campus in Cork city. While the 6 videos could be of use to anyone, those involved in the series say it might be particularly useful for anyone with mild memory issues.

Martina Agar, Senior Occupational Therapist said: “This is a practical, straight forward resource for anyone interested in learning more about memory. It is most suitable for people with mild memory issues. The series was produced by primary care occupational therapists who have worked in the area of memory and who have additional training as Dementia Champions. It provides lots of information, tips and strategies for making the most of memory.”

The full series is available as a playlist on the Cork Kerry Community Healthcare YouTube channel.

Martina Agar added: “We would like to thank those who have helped in this project. We could like to thank in particular the Dementia Office who provided funding via the Memory Technology Resource Room Service. We would like to acknowledge the support of all the therapists who provided support and having shared information about memory programmes widely within the occupational therapy service. In particular we would like to thank people with memory issues and their families who participated in the programmes and gave feedback at the end of programmes to help us ensure that we continue to progress and improve the service we provide.”

The videos are:

• Video 1: Introduction

• Video 2: Attention and Information on Memory and Driving

• Video 3: Stress Management and Relaxation

• Video 4: Enhancing our Memory Through Life Style

• Video 5: Memory, Communication and Socialising

• Video 6: Strategies to Make the Most of Your Memory