Oh so luxe!

Looking to add to your lotions and potions? Look no further.

He-Shi wanted to create a tan that wears down perfectly so they created Hydra Luxe Lotion, a lotion with maximum hydration that means this self-tan lasts longer and fades better over 7 days.

Longterm, moisturised skin simply ages better. Hydra Luxe Lotion combines exceptional skincare ingredients that work to keep skin looking youthful, protecting against further damage, and strengthening the skin’s natural defences.

For almost 2 decades, He-Shi has been at the forefront of sunless tanning products. Created by the mother and daughter founders of cosmeceutical skincare, He-Shi tan has a skin-first focus born in the lab.

Packed with vitamin E and super-moisturising ingredients aloe vera and provitamin B5, Hydra Luxe Lotion thoroughly soothes and repairs skin.