Inspirational Katherine Dolphin

Cork author and schoolteacher Katherine Dolphin is one of those people that you hear about on the radio or in books but seem too good to be true. She has been through hell and back, battling cancer and grief, all the while keeping a smile on her face as a schoolteacher.

Today she is proving her worth once again by single-handedly writing and publishing her book 'Hope to Cope' with all proceeds going towards her selected charities, Marymount and the Irish Cancer Society.

Vicky Kelly, hearing specialist with Bonavox spoke to us about Katherine’s work and how Bonavox has contributed to her cause.

Bonavox is one of the longest established hearing companies in Ireland with clinics all over Ireland with free hearing tests and free consultations.

Vicky said: "While doing the Cork Summer show a few months ago, I happened to meet Katherine as our stalls were beside each other.”

Katherine told Vicky her story. “Katherine was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 37, her father was also diagnosed and unfortunately, passed away. So, Katherine has unfinished business with cancer, and is determined to make a difference.”

Katherine is hoping to raise 100,000 euro for the two charities of Marymount and the Irish Cancer Society from the profits of her book sales.

She is currently at 40,000 euro and next February is her goal. During the conversation between the 2 women, Katherine mentioned that she uses hearing aids. In her book she said it was one of the hardest things, to lose her hearing at such a young age.

Vicky said: “You could just tell that she has given up so much including any spare money she might have to be put towards her fundraising for these charities which are incredibly important to her.

“She also mentioned that her hearing aids were over 60 years old and that she needs to get new ones. As a schoolteacher, and writer she is incredibly busy and something so important as her hearing aids was easily forgotten about.”

The hearing specialist wanted to donate to the cause, and Bonavox decided that providing Katherine with a top of the range pair of hearing aids worth over €4,000 free of charge was a personal donation that would really help Katherine in general life and in her fundraising.

By providing her with new hearing aids, Bonavox gave her more comfort in conversational situations like in school or during interviews.

"When I met her, I was completely blown away by her, she is just giving everything she has towards the cause. She takes it all on her stride and doesn’t realise everything that she is doing. She is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met," Vicky stated.

"It was just nice to be able to give her the best technology that is available in the world at the minute and to be able to do that for somebody as kind as Katherine."

Katherine Launched her book ‘Hope to Cope’ on world cancer day of this year, 4 February, the 5 year anniversary of her father’s death.