Cleaning up your act

Many people believe that your cleanser doesn’t work as hard as other products in your regimen, but this is untrue.

Preparing your skin for the next steps means removing free radicals and impurities from your face and neck. This can only be done by cleansing thoroughly and by using the right ingredients and tools.

Remember that tepid water is best for rinsing and ditch the cotton wool, opt instead for a flannel which you can reuse and wash, it is better for the environment. Stuck for time? Turn your product into a micro mask by leaving it on damp skin for a few minutes.


Lift, tone and cleanse your face and neck all at the same time with Cosaint’s new Compact Ultrasonic Skin Peeler (€175). Any good at-home facial (or facial in general, for that matter) involves exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells and reveal radiant skin.

This incredible device has 2 modes – the cleansing mode where ultrasonic vibrations work to push out dirt and oil, clearing away dead skin cells and other debris that can clog pores and create spots. The device contains a silver spatula that extracts clogged pores around the nose area. Your quick and deep cleansing ritual is then finished off by the Lifting Mode, which stimulates circulation and tones your facial muscles. This is a fantastic mode to use for a few minutes before a night out to give you a fresh and healthy look.


NeoStrata Restore PHA Cleanser (€34.95) is a non-foaming gentle gel facial wash formulated with a gentle PHA exfoliant, effectively removes makeup and impurities without irritation. Ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive and reactive skin. I love that it removes makeup and offers such a subtle exfoliation from the PHA. Sensitive skin types, as well as those who have had recent superficial cosmetic procedures, will find comfort in this molecule’s gentle nature. I also think fans of retinol will find this cleanser really superb.

Dr Hauschka

Its Cleansing Balm (€23.95) is suitable for all skin conditions and for cleansing both in the morning and in the evening. The main ingredient which acts as a cleansing substance is rügen chalk, a component long-known precisely for its cleansing effect. It has a particularly large surface area which absorbs impurities and excess sebum, as well as a fine-grained structure thanks to which it can be gently washed off. The balm also contains organic apricot kernel oil which nourishes the skin and makes it supple, while extracts of anthyllis, birch and calendula give it a revitalising boost. The result is a mild formulation which helps preserve the skin’s own oil-moisture balance and prepares your skin perfectly for the next care step. The Cleansing Balm can be used by people with atopic skin/atopic dermatitis and by those with beards. It also removes light make-up.

Skin Proud Wonder Clay

This pink clay (13.95) has multiple benefits without taking up too much room on your shelf. Famed for its skin enhancing power, contributing to its status amongst beauty lovers.

Packed full of iron rich minerals, it delivers gentle, soothing hydration whilst still cleansing pores, reducing excess oil and elevating skin congestion. Skin Proud Wonder Clay is a gentle, non-drying non-comedogenic pink clay cleanser that doubles as a mask for a more intense treatment. Pro tip: often feeling shiny at the end of the day? Concentrate the Skin Proud Wonder Clay on your T-zone for a targeted, oil reducing step.