asap lip treatment.

Ready to tackle the new season

I’m back from my Tuscan adventure and right back into the autumnal weather.

It’s very hard to make that transition when you come back from the intense heat of Italy and still wearing your summer gear only to land into the airport to torrential rain and a bit of a dip in the temperatures. But soldier on we must!

I had such a fantastic time on holiday, and I feel ready to tackle the new season with gusto. We did a lot of walking on this holiday trying to see all the sights and one of the main things I always feel you need to get right when packing is your footwear. Comfort is key after all.

Sandals for me won’t cut it when you’re walking and touring around, I need total comfort but also something that will go with whatever I’ve packed and the trainers from the brand D.A.T.E. certainly fit the bill. D.A.T.E. are now stocked in my favourite shoe store Amari whose gorgeous boutique is located on Drawbridge Street and online.

D.A.T.E. is simply the acronym of the names of the four young founders of the project. In 2005, the 4 of them met up in London and there, feeling unsatisfied by their jobs, decided to throw themselves into the ambitious project of creating their own range of sneakers. Despite various difficulties, they succeeded in completing their first collection, made up of just a few pieces.

Emiliano and Damiano's experience were fundamental for getting them started. Picking up old machinery here and there, they created a crude and impromptu workshop in Emi's garage and met up there every evening after work - obviously not being able to give up their day jobs.

They spent the summer shut in that garage, working day and night to successfully get the job done and pull through on their deliveries. In January 2006, thanks to a favour from a friend, they obtained an invitation to display as guests on a stand at Pitti Immagine Uomo, displaying their collection in a small space. Thanks to their craftsman's feel, the first D.A.T.E. charmed the public and sold more than 8,000 pairs in just three days. It was a success!

My favourite from the new season collection is the Fuga style which are a running trainer and combine a thick sole with leather, nylon and suede to create a luxe and modern feel. I love the taupe and beige colour way with interest added to this by the mixing of the different textures and fabrics.

I also love a neutral colourway like this as it makes a nice alternative to the classic white and the neutral tones mean that they will pair well with anything in your wardrobe.

Another thing I’m extremely fussy about on holiday is of course sunscreen but in particular what I wear on my lips.

I’m paranoid about getting my lips sunburnt and I’m also someone who cannot bear my lips to be dry, so I always need great moisturisation.

I tried the Asap skincare hydrating lip balm with SPF15 on holidays and it was a dream. It intensely hydrates, protects and smooths lips and also contains niacinamide to deeply moisturise and Alpine rose to help reduce cold sore occurrence.

It contains bisabolol which soothes lips and accelerates healing and as a bonus you can also use it with lip colour if you feel you need to use a little bit of lipstick during the day. Now that I have my essentials sorted, I just need to decide where to go on my next holiday!